Seminar date planning for next week

Seminar date planning for next week

by Jan Eitzinger -
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Dear students,

as already mentioned we plan an additional seminar date on 31.01. . Some of you indicated they have no time on this day. Please understand that we will still do this additional seminar to get all talks done within the semester.

Second talks 29.01.:

  • Lulesh (CPU) - Krishna Sai Lakshmi Gayatri Manda, Advisor Ayesha Afzal
  • miniFE (CPU) - Harris Antony Jos, Advisor Dominik Ernst
  • Cloverleaf (CPU) - Lukas Trautner, Advisor Thomas Gruber

Second talks 31.01.:

  • MD-Bench (CPU) - Tejesh Pala, Advisor Rafael Ravedutti
  • miniFE (CPU) - Prateek Prateek , Advisor Christie Alappat
The moodle page is also updated accordingly.
For all speakers on these two days: Please write me an email in case you have no time.