Basic Shell Introduction

Basic Shell Introduction

by Sebastian Botsch -
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Dear PTfS-Team,

according to the introduction slides the Basic Shell Introduction is on April 22, Monday, "after the normal tutorial".
Since the tutorial, 14:15 – 15:45, and the lecture, 16:15 – 17:45, are in the same room,
there are only 30 minutes left after the tutorial for the Basic shell introduction.

Is there a mistake or is the introduction really that quick?

Best Regards

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Re: Basic Shell Introduction

by Ayesha Afzal -
Dear Sebastian,

The first tutorial will be a short kick-off session, lasting less than the allotted 90 minutes. As soon as the kick-off session is over, we will begin the introduction to basic shell session within the tutorial time slot.

The PtfS lecture will start on schedule.

Sorry for any confusion.

Best regards,