On problem reporting

On problem reporting

by Georg Hager -
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Dear PTfS students,

I am writing this message to tell how how to properly describe a problem to us so we can actually start trying to solve it. 

If there is a problem with logging in, transferring data, and generally with using the HPC systems, please specify:

- which system you were working on
- which command(s) you typed that led to the problem
- which data or directories were involved (if applicable)
- which error messages you got 
- etc. etc. -- you get it, right?

We need to have enough data so we can even start to guess what is going on. A message like "I cannot log in to fritz with ssh please advise" is insufficient. Be considerate and try to put yourself in our position. The better your info, the less time we have to waste guessing what you meant. 

One more thing: When sending us shell input or output, please do not send screenshots. We cannot copy code or commands from a screenshot, some screenshots are not well readable, etc. Just copy the text and paste it into your message.