Questions About Grading of Assignment 0

Re: Questions About Grading of Assignment 0

by Erik Fabrizzi -
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Thanks for your answer! Just to be clear:
2. I can read the runtime from the plot, is this not sufficient?
3. The question asked to "submit" the code, in the future should we also copy the code to the report?
4. "The float version failed at computing an estimate of pi due to the high number of iterations,
which lead to an overflow of the datatype. I confirmed that a correct result is obtained for
slices 1000000." This is on page 2, I understand if it is not enough but why is this "nothing" about the lost of accuracy?

Again, sorry to bother but I want to get all cleared out to not repeat the same mistakes in the following assignments and I think it will help everybody to understand more how to structure the reports.
I wish you a nice evening!