Assignment 3 - exercise 3

Assignment 3 - exercise 3

by Pedro Blöss Braga -
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Dear PTfS team,

In assignment 3 exercise 3, it is required to do a loop considering "M=8*1.2n" -> is this lowercase "n" the same as "N=10^8"?

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Pedro Blöss 
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Re: Assignment 3 - exercise 3

by Georg Hager -

Would it make sense if that were the case? Think about what we want to show with this benchmark: How does the performance behave if we go through an array not with stride 1 but with a larger stride? N is in the code, n is an exponent that ensures that you will get equidistant points if you plot performance vs. M in a log-linear plot.

The same applies to your previous question about the value of s: Choose a value that does not create any problems; apart from that, it does not matter.