Regarding late submissions, report formats

Regarding late submissions, report formats

by Georg Hager -
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Dear PTfS students,

there have been numerous requests to consider late submissions (for various reasons) or to accept additional material (such as code) after the deadline. Up to now we were lenient about this. However, for reasons of fairness we will now impose the strict ruleĀ  that was communicated in the kick-off tutorial: Late submissions of any kind will not be considered for grading, starting with Assignment 4 (due tomorrow). Hence, do not even bother to ask.

On a related note: We also told you clearly that a typed PDF report is required. We do not have the time to search multiple files for the answers and data we need for the grading. There must be a PDF with properly formulated answers to the questions, graphs, data, etc. Additional data (such as code) may still be submitted, of course. But if there's no PDF, there will not be any credits.