Doubts About the grading of Task 2.b Assignment 3

Doubts About the grading of Task 2.b Assignment 3

by Erik Fabrizzi -
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Dear PTFS team, 

In Assignement 3 Task 2b it seems that I have lost 15 points but my final result is identical to the one presented in the exercises. The only difference is that instead of calculating 14 + 7*4 =42 i calculated 10 + 8*4 = 42 ie I included the time for the first result not in L but in in the core computation. Can you please explain why I lost this points? 

The grader feedback is " "wind-up" is start latency or the time for first result to out.
There is no explanation for how you end up at 10 cycles as wind-up." 

Wich I find confusing, since I understand that I may have "Mislabled" my numbers  but why did it cost me the full points given that the calculation is correct. 

(Also after 10 iterations the "pipeline view" is periodical every 4 cycles (Periodic Kernel). Those 10 iterations are the ones that we discard when we compute the performance for large N and I am given the understanding that the windup phase is in fact those 10 iterations, or else the formula for total number of cycles for N discarding windup should be Cycles *(N-1) while we always compute Cycles*N, where Cycles are the cycles needed by the main computational kernel.)

Excuse the lenghty post and thanks for your attention!