No access to Fritz

No access to Fritz

by Jannik Hausladen -
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today starting at around 1pm, the Fritz server cannot be accessed by any of my devices or any of my friends devices reliably.  (Access worked once but only to the frontend.)

There are no errors, just a timeout after some minutes. I was wondering if this is an error with Fritz right now and if there is a possibility to check the status of Fritz in case this happens again. 

Thank you for your feedback.

Edit: Access to fritz somehow works again. Message is posted on login. Still: Are there services available that can show the current status of fritz?

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Re: No access to Fritz

by Georg Hager -

Fritz was under an "accidental DDoS attack" by a user who ran a certain type of jobs.

The must current info on service disruptions is usually the MOTD (Message Of The Day), displayed upon login to the frontends. If it's anything more serious, we place a news post on our website