We start with a warm-up exercise. 

Copy the HELLO folder from the teacher's account. In there you will find simple parallel "Hello World"-type programs in OpenMP and MPI for both C and Fortran. You will need the "intel" and "intelmpi" modules for this to work

$ module load intel intelmpi

Typing "make" will build the binaries.

  1. Compile and run the OpenMP version of the program:

    $ cd ~/HELLO/omp
    $ make
    Something is obviously wrong. Fix it!

  2. Compile and run the MPI version of the program (this is only possible within a batch job - see the introduction):

    $ cd ~/HELLO/mpi
    $ make
    $ mpirun -np 4 ./HELLO_C.exe
    Modify the code so that each process sends its own rank to process 0, which then prints all the ranks.

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