During the course all exercises are prepared for you directly on the cluster!

Outside of the course you can download the exercises from these links:

These are the exercises of the 2022-Apr edition:
vsc4 had a major update and job-scripts need now: export I_MPI_PIN_RESPECT_CPUSET=0
(everything else is still the same as in April)

Exercises of the 1st part (MPI + OpenMP: he-hy - Hello Hybrid! - compiling, starting, pinning) (tar.gz)

Exercises of the 1st part (MPI + OpenMP: jacobi - hybrid through OpenMP parallelization) (tar.gz)

Exercises of the 2nd part (MPI: data-rep - how to avoid replicated data) (tar.gz)

All further exercises of the 2nd part are available through the HLRS online courses → practical → MPI31single.tar.gz
                                      --> MPI/course/C/1sided/
                                      --> MPI/course/F_30/1sided/
                                      --> MPI/course/C/Ch9/MPIX_Cart_weighted_create/

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