How to log into the NHR@FAU systems

You all should have a link to with a personal access token. This URL is private, do not publish it anywhere.

Read the usage conditions and advice on the entry page. If you agree, click the button and a jupyter notebook server will be started for you. After waiting, the server starts a terminal on the compute node.

The job that is started for you contains already the following settings:

  • -C hwperf # required for LIKWID on NHR@FAU systems)
  • --exclusive # reserve entire node
  • -c 32  # (up to) 32 threads per process
  • --cpu-freq=2900000-2900000:performance # fix clock to base CPU frequency

What happens if I close the terminal?

You should see the Launcher page of the jupyter notebook server. Open a new terminal and you are again on the compute node.

Closing the jupyter notebook server

After the course, please shut the server down.

File -> Hub Control Panel

This opens a new browser tab. Click the "Stop My Server" button

Last modified: Monday, 2 October 2023, 3:56 PM